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Stacy Keibler With Pomp Ponytail


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Stacy Keibler is wearing a pomp ponytail that is a beautiful way of styling your hair for special events. This style can be created very easily for those who have medium to long hair. There are various types of ponytail worn by most of the women, this one can look stylish as well attractive. In this hairstyle, there will be hump on top of the head and a ponytail at the back of your head.
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To create a pomp ponytail, start your hairstyling process by simply pulling the hair up and dividing it with a rat tail comb on top of your scalp. Next brush your hair forward near the face and keep this part it in your left hand. Then back comb your hair which is in your left hand and keep the hair halfway down to slide it up as well as down gently. Try to adjust the hair which is in your hand and back comb rest of the hair. You must flip the hair back in place and then smooth it on the sides under the ponytail with a brush. Take your ponytail in the hand and try to smooth top of the poof which will help to hide of the hair. At last keep your ponytail in place by securing it with a hair clip and then pull left side of the hair near the left and right side of your hair to complete the hairstyling process.
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