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Curling Hair Using Clay


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Creating a curly hair can give a very unique look, but there are different ways in which a curly hair can be achieved. One of the best ways to make the hair curly is using a rhassoul clay that is usually taken from the mountainous region of Morocco. It can also help to restore and condition your skin as well as hair by removing the impurities by absorbing the oils. Anyone can get the clay treatments with the clay treatment at home in 10 minutes which can help to clean the follicles and curls in just 20 minutes.
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To begin the styling process, start it by washing the hair fully with a shampoo suitable for your hair and keep the hair dry. Use a small amount of bentonite clay or a rhassoul clay and mix it with water until it becomes pancake batter consistency. Add an argan oil or olive oil in the mixture and spread it over the dry hair, if required. Coat the curls and scalp thoroughly with this mixture and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Now rinse the paste from your hair until all the traces of the clay gets removed from your hair. Make sure to avoid rubbing the paste on the hair and give a shampoo treatment to the hair to remove buildup from your hair. Using clay to curl the hair is the simplest way that can give a very unique curly looking hair.
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