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Eva Longoria With Mini Bouffant


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Eva Longoria has got a mini bouffant hairstyle which will be usually piled high on your head and hair hanging down on the sides. It is based on the standard bouffant hairstyle which was popular in the late 18th century. This style has become popular in the present time where it is worn all around the world. It is usually created by combing the hair back and misting it with generous amount of hair spray.

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To create a mini bouffant hairstyle, first divide front of the hair with a comb and take back section of the hair to make a ponytail high over your head. Next take a section of hair from your ponytail and try to brush it against the grain of your hair. Then comb the top layer of your ponytail using a soft-bristle brush and try to smooth it over ratted layer. Flip your ponytail forward and then use hair clips to keep it as a horseshoe shape. Use the hair brush to smoothen ends of your hair and secure it with bobby pins on the sides. Backcomb a section in the front of your hair and spritz it with a hairspray to make it sweep backwards. Secure this part of the hair using hair clips and pin ends of the hair under the bun.  Backcomb the left out front section and sprtiz it with a light hairspray. Finally sweep the hair backwards secure pin it with hair clips.
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