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Rita Ora With A Double Bun


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Rita Ora is wearing a double bun which is a unique way of styling the hair than with a single bun. It is a hairstyle which is usually worn used by most of the woman and in this hairstyle, the hair will be pulled back of your head from the face to create a circular coil behind your head. The hair will be secured using bobby pins. It is also called as an odango which is a kind of Japanese dumpling that was popularized by manga series. Here is a simple process that can be used to achieve this style at home.
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To create a hairstyle with double bun, first make an updo after misting the hair with a little amount of hairspray to reduce the flyaways. You can also spread a generous amount of hair smoothing cream all over to control the flyaways. Now take a brush and blow dry your hair along with it into small sections. Keep it taut to create enough length and lift your hair at the roots during the blow drying process. Then make a side part and divide the front part. Take the rest of your hair individually and secure the high bunches at the back of your head. Backcomb each of lengths of the hair to add volume and make your bun look thick. At last take remaining sections of the hair and wrap it around nearside the bun to keep it in place.
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