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Toddler Mohawk


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A toddler Mohawk is one of the most unique hairstyle that is usually worn by adults. This hairstyle is known to have originated two thousand years ago. In this hairstyle, the hair will be clipped extremely short or even shaved on the sides where a thin strip will run down the middle of your head from the forehead. This style is very similar to the Mohawk hairstyle that is created by adults, but the size of the hair will vary in this depending upon the toddler.
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To create this style, first make the toddler sit in a comfortable position and decide the size of the Mohawk which usually vary in width from a inch to three inches. Use a hair brush to part the hair on both the side of the Mohawk. Then clip the hair as you go up and use eyes as well as nose of the toddler to create an even distribution part on both the side of the Mohawk. Next put a towel on the toddler’s shoulders and loosely wrap it around the neck. Secure your hair off of the sides of toddler’s head and clip up to hair part on both the sides leaving a clean, straight line. Then take the hair clips and use scissors to cut the Mohawk as per your desire. At last style the Mohawk using a little amount of hair gel and make hair stand to stand straight up in large spikes.
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