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Cascading Hair Color


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Cascading hair color can be achieved by using most of the styling products available in a store. The hair coloring product will have a variety of color hues which will suit each other and it will be designed to be used together. There are different methods that care followed to color the hair to achieve the cascading look.
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First separate the hair into three sections using a comb by creating a two diagonal part starting from the crown outward. Select a dominant color from the set and spread it to the sections on the right as well as left of your head. Leave the hair color on your hair for about 15 minutes and make sure to use the hair color on the exposed root area. Leave all of the color on your hair for another 15 minutes to make the color to even out. Then try to wash out side sections of the hair to get rid of all of the dominant coloring and keep the colored hair separate from remaining section at the back of your head. Apply the hair color to the back section of your hair about one ΒΌ inch wide piece at a time and try to use horizontal strokes while applying the hair colors in a repeating pattern. Leave the hair color on your hair for about 45 minutes and wash it thoroughly with a shampoo to remove the various colors before using a moisturizing conditioner.
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