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Hairstyle With A Celtic Knot


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The Celtic knot is a hairstyle that has been worn by most of the women for a long time. It was traditionally worn to adorn religious sculptures as well as other kinds of artwork.
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To create a Celtic knot, first take a section of hair from both the sides of your head right by the ear which will be used to tieback for the knot. Add a little amount of dry wax or hair pomade over the hair strands to avoid the flyaways. Take left strand at the center of your back of the head create a loop forming upward. Then take right strand of your hair and keep it in between your third and four finger. Now take the end of your strand up and over the left hand to make it lay on the top of your forefinger. Take the pointer finger and middle finger to slide it behind your left strand between the ears and loop. Next take the end of your right strand to pull it up through and right strand ends to take it over the top of your loop. Push the hair end through the loop towards the head and take it under the right main strand. Now take the same end of the hair back through the loop and then release all your fingers to tighten up the knot. At last use your hands to shape the knots and mist all over with a hairspray.
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