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Taking Care Of Burnt Hair


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A burnt hair can give a difficult time for most of the people. The hair can get burn not only by fire, but also with a chemical treatment. It is almost impossible to repair your hair in this situation, but you can prevent your hair from further damage by following few important styling techniques.
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Try to wash your hair every other day using a fortifying shampoo and condition it properly. Make sure to rinse the hair using warm water. Use a deep conditioning oil at least once a week after shampooing the hair and use a shower cap on your head for about 30 minutes which will help to penetrate the oil to through the hair shaft. Take the cap out and rinse your hair using warm water. You can also take quarter amount of vinegar in a bottle to mix it with warm water and spray it over the burnt areas which will remove burnt-hair smell. Take out the unnecessary chemicals from your hair and also avoid hair styling tools such as relaxers, harsh hair dyes, irons or curlers. You can blow dry the hair at least once a week only if needed and use a heat-protectant styling before using the dryer. Use a natural hair brush to comb the hair twice a day starting from the root and gently move downward to the end. If you want to really take good care of the burnt hair, get help from a hairstylist for better treatment.
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