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Wraparound Braid


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Wraparound braids are one of the best ways of styling the hair for special events such as a wedding. This style can give a unique look for whoever wears it with any type of hair. There are many celebrities who like o style their hair in this manner for special occasions. Here are few simple methods that can be followed to achieve this style.
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To create wraparound braid, divide your hair deeply to a side of your head and secure it with a bobby pin. Next take a bundle of hair from thickest side of your part and divide it into three strands using your fingers. You can add more volume and definition, by braiding the hair inside out just like a Dutch-style by twisting the strands clockwise in an over-to-under motion. Collect the three strands and start braiding it a couple of times and take the strands from your scalp with an additional loop. Continue this process until you reach the other end of the ear. Gently manipulate and turn towards the direction of the braid to wrap around the nape diagonally. Try to slant your braid towards the neck and keep weaving the hair till you reach the end of the hair. Leave the hair to fall loose as you wind it down the side of your collarbone. At last secure the braid using a clear elastic and try to loosen it to achieve more volume as well as dimension.
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