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Flipped Fishtail Braid


flipped fishtail braid flipped fishtail braid2
A flipped fishtail braid is very versatile hairstyle that can be worn by girls of all ages. It is mostly liked by the teenagers as it can give an amazing look. Most of them prefer to wear this type of hairstyle for special occasions. To achieve this hairstyle, you must be able to create a standard fishtail braid and then the hair will be flipped back. Here is a simple process to get this style at home without any help from a hair specialist.
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To create this style, first pull your hair back and make a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a ponytail holder and leave few strands of hair in front of your face. Loosen your ponytail elastic away from the head and flip the ponytail down though loosened section to make a flipped ponytail. Try to tighten the elastic again your head and create a fishtail braid with the remaining ponytail hair. A fishtail can be created as usual by dividing the hair into different sections and putting it together as a braid. Secure the hair with elastic at the end and take end of your fishtail to tuck it at the back of your head through the same hole. You can use bobby pins to secure the fishtail against your head. Now you can add any type of hair accessories on the fishtail braid and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling process.
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