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Methods To Prevent Oily Roots


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Having an oily root can give a hard time for most of them people. The oil is usually produced from the sebaceous glands which are very important to keep your skin lubricated. Sometime the sebaceous glands will be producing too much oil which can leave the scalp and roots greasy. Just use his simple method to prevent oily roots on your head.
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First spread loose makeup powder over the oily roots by using a large makeup brush and swish it around. Tap the handle to get rid of excess powder and brush your hair roots. Then shake your head to take out the loose powder from the roots and make sure to avoid applying the powder all over your head. Try to wash the hair correctly using a suitable shampoo that has been specially made for oily hair to get rid of excess oil on your scalp. Condition only your hair and not the roots by adding the conditioner starting from the middle of your strands and then move down. Use an astringent to the scalp to stop excess production of oil and make a solution using a witch hazel as well as mouthwash. Then dampen a cotton pad with this solution to pat it over your scalp. You can use vinegar to prevent oily roots. Take a tsp of vinegar into two cups of water and stir it. Use this solution over your head after washing it and rinse your hair.
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