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Side Swept Haircut


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A side swept haircut is usually created on boys head with nice and neat edges which will look short on the sides as well as stylish on top. This style has been very much popular among the boys for a long time, but in the present day even the girls wear it to get a unique look.
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To get this hairstyle, first brush your hair down on the back and sides. Start cutting your hair on the back and sides using clippers moving from the neck up. Stop the haircut at a point where your head curves toward the top of your head. Mist the hair water and brush the hair forward. Take out a long, vertical section from your crown to the bang about 1/2 inch and brush it straight up from your scalp and cut it about 3 inches long. Now get help from a friend to cut your hair on top of the head with 1/2 inch, horizontal sections. Cut to the same length as shorter and previously cut hair in the middle. Next blend the top section to the sides by pulling the hair around the apex and top curve of your head in 1/2 inch, vertical sections. Keep each section straight from your head and include the top of your hair to the clippered sides using an angled cut. Now brush the hair out and trim the hair that is too long before sweeping the bangs to a side.
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