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Twistback Hairstyle


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A twistback hairstyle is a perfect choice for styling the hair for special events such as a wedding. It is a good looking hairstyle that can be achieved only if you have a long hair. Those who have short hair can add hair extension to get this look.
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To create a twistback hairstyle, brush all your hair away from the face and take a part of hair from left to the right in a diagonal direction using a rat-tail comb to make a Zig. Now use the comb to part toward the left to form the next Zag. Do this again to create two equal sections on both the sides of your head to create a zig zag part line down the middle. Take first triangle section near your face and continue the part line down using a comb next to the ear to create a rough part. Now take all the remaining hair to secure it away from the styling process. Take the hair from first triangle section near the front and separate it into two equal strands. Start creating a rope twist using the two strands and secure it with an alligator clip. Use the same method to create rope twist on the other side of your head. Now take all the twists together and secure with using elastic at the back of your head. At last spritz all over your hair with a hairspray to get into the look.
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