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Hairstyle With Bandana Curls


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Creating a hairstyle with bandana curls can give an interesting look for anyone who wears it. It is one of a kind hairstyle that gives a unique look and also protects your hair from dirt. Most of the women like to cover their hair with a bandana to avoid unnecessary dust to fall on the hair, but the bandana can also be used to create beautiful curls. Here is a simple process that can used to create curls with a bandana.
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To create bandana curls, first brush your hair as usual and part it as per your desire. Then divide hair the hair into halves side to side and separate each section into half once again. Mist the hair with water to make it slightly damp and take a diagonally-folded bandana to wrap it half around the base of your hair section. Try to braid the hair tightly around the bandana and secure the ends of the hair with elastic. The bandana can also keep the hair moisturized which can add thickness to your hair and prevent it from getting too wavy. Leave the hair as it is during the night and take out the bandana in the next morning to tip your head upside down. Gently shake the curls to make it loose using your fingers and finger comb your hair. Finally mist all over the hair with a hairspray and you can also style the curls with a hair accessory.
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