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Hairstyle With Halo Highlights


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Halo highlights are one of the latest trends available in hair coloring. It is very much similar to normal highlights but the top layer of your hair will not be used during the color process. The highlights look similar to glowing ring of light around your head and color peeks out from top layer of your hair to create an interesting new look.
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First create a circular part on the crown of your head using a rat-tail comb. Make a vertical part from center of back of your head and horizontally to get four parts. The front of your hair will be the fifth part and secure each section individually with a claw clip. Start mixing the highlighting color as per the instructions mentioned on the package using your gloved hands. Try to mix the color with equal amount of developer in a small bowl. Take a 1/2 inch section of hair on the left or right side in front of the head and put a foil strip beneath it. Brush the highlight color to saturate the strand fully and fold the end of foil strip over the hair. Then fold it again all the way to the top of your strand near the roots. Repeat this method all over your head by dividing each highlight by 2-3 inches. Leave the hair color on as per the instructions on the package and then take out the foils carefully. Rinse the hair with warm water and apply a conditioner.
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