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Rihanna’s Rope Braid


rihanna rope braid rihanna rope braid2
Rihanna is wearing a rope braid that gives her a simple and twisted look. In this hairstyle, the hair will be twisted in one direction than weaving it with separate strands. This hairstyle looks as though it can be very difficult to achieve, but it can be created within minutes. There are also many women apart from the celebrities who wish to wear this hairstyle as it can be created easily without spending too much time.
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To create Rihanna’s rope braid, first brush all of your hair completely to get rid of tangles and make a standard ponytail. Then separate your ponytail into three different parts and keep one of the part in your right hand and other two parts in your left. Try to wind the strand of the hair in your right hand till it reaches length of the index finger and switch it as though the three strands in the right hand are separate by your fingers. Try to keep your hair tightly to the wound strand and make sure to take it over the other two perfectly on the left hand side. Now switch the wound strand and go to the nearest non-wound strand in your left hand. At last wind the strand on your right using your right hand and try to move the wound strand from left to twist it on the right. Now your braid will look similar to a rope which can be accessorized as per your desire.
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