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Partial Hair Coloring


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Coloring the hair is best way to get a unique look and it can be more fun looking by coloring the hair partially. The color can be applied on certain parts of your hair which can give a fresh new look by. Both highlights and lowlights are involved in the partial hair coloring which can accent your features. You can add one bright streak of hair color on your hair and make sure to bleach it before starting the coloring process.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, wash your hair as usual and dry it naturally without using any styling tools. Avoid using any hair conditioner as it can affect the chemical components in the hair color. Then go through your hair and check the parts where you want to apply the hair color. Next mix the hair color as per the manufacturer’s instructions read the instructions. Dip the hair brush into the hair color and spread it in light as well as thin streaks on your hair. Begin the coloring process on top of the your and move your way down. You must also know that thinner lines can create more natural-looking highlights. Move your way around the head and apply thin color lines on each of the areas you wanted the highlight. Leave the color in your hair as per the manufacturer’s instructions before rinsing it out. Try to wash your hair again and again until the water comes clean from your hair.
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