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Spiky Buzz Cut


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A buzz cut is a hairstyle which is usually created with an electric razor. This hairstyle can be made more interesting by creating it with spikes. This style can have hair as long as quarter of an inch from your head and as short as stubble. It can be achieved in a matter of moments by getting help from a hairstylist or if you have experience it trimming the hair with the electric razor, try it on your own at home. It is a modern haircut that is usually worn by men, but women are in less numbers with this style.
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The spiky buzz cut is one of the variations of a standard buzz cut which is considered to be a military style. You must use an electric razor to cut the hair in a uniform length that is about half inch or less. The hair in the front of your head will be left a little longer and then styled in spikes. This hairstyle is also known to be a short and low maintenance haircut. You can also wash your hair or add a little amount of wax or gel to spike the hair. It is one of the best hairstyle that does not require frequent hair cutting as it is easy to maintain. In case your hair is thinning and you are able to see the scalp, then this hairstyle can be the perfect option as it can look neat and trendy.
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