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Coloring Hair With Kool-Aid


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Most of the women have been using hair color for a very long time and some of these products can damage your hair or they can be very expensive as well. The best way to color your hair without spending too much money is by using the Kool-Aid which is a powdered drink. It can be mixed together in different flavors for making your own hair color. Try to use a sugar-free Kool-Aid to avoid the hair from getting sticky.
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First spread a petroleum jelly on your hairline. Then take packets of  Kool-Aid powder to add it into a mixing bowl and stir it in the boiling water. Stir it completely until forms a little paste and boiling water usually dissolve the powder to make it smoother than a warm water. Then leave the paste to become cool till you can handle without any problem. Wear a pair of gloves to save your hands from the paste or get help from a friend to make the coloring process much easier. Start applying Kool-Aid paste all over the hair using a small hair brush or using your fingers with gloves on. Try to gently massage it over your hair and make sure to avoid it from the scalp. Wrap the hair using plastic wrap and leave the hair color to set it during the night. Take plastic wrap out of the head in the next morning to wash your hair as usual to get rid of the paste.
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