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Curly Fohawk


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A curly fohawk is a hairstyle that is usually characterized by the hair that stands in the end in a tradition of the Mohawk. This hairstyle is also much shorter and less defined when compared to a traditional Mohawk. Here is a simple and easy process that can be followed to achieve this style at home.
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Begin the styling process after washing your hair with a shampoo and apply a dime-size amount of conditioner to detangle your hair. Next rinse your hair and dry it with a towel. Then spread a texturizing cream into your palm and run it through your hair. Brush the hair using your fingers and blow-dry your hair by pulling your hair straight up away from the scalp. Try to pull your hair in the direction in which you like to wear the hair. Use a preheated flat iron on your hair to straighten it further using the blow-dryer and take half inch sections from your hair using a haircutting comb. Use the flat iron on your hair upward and apply a little amount of medium hold hairspray over the section. Use the blow dryer to dry your hair by slightly roughing it up the hair and straighten the entire head. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and pull your hair in the direction where you want to fall. Use the fingers to pull individual sections of the hair to create a textured and piecy look.
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