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Rope Twist Bun


rope twist bun rope twist bun2
Rope twist bun is a beautiful hairstyle that can be worn for special events such as a prom or a wedding. This hairstyle can give a princess look for anyone who wears it and it can be easily created without going to a hairstylist.
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To get this style, make a high ponytail and pull the hair through it by sliding it down to the base of your ponytail. Leave the hair fall down evenly and make a section on one side of your bun where the rope twists will be started. Take a small section of hair to separate it into two small strands and twist both the parts in the same direction to twist them together. Pull two fingers down through middle of the bun maker to collect the twist that was created and pull it up through the middle of bunker. Divide the section of your hair again into two strands evenly with newly added-in hair. After reaching the last rope twist, try to pull it through bun maker and your rope twist will ends all the way down the strand. Take the end of your hair and wrap it under your bun around the ponytail holder. Try to adjust the bun by tucking any layering the wisp hairs underneath the twist. Make sure that the twist has been spread out evenly around your bun. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and add a hair accessory.
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