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Short Emo Haircut


A short emo hairstyle is a very rare hairstyle that is only worn by few people. It can give a very unique look where the length of the hair will vary from medium to short on your head. This style will have short back and short sides along with front bangs that will be at most to the tip of the nose.
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To get a short emo haircut, make sure that the length of your hair about 3 inches all around. Then go to a hairstylist to cut the hair in a blended crop to layer the hair at the back and sides. Make sure that the shortest hair is around the ears and at the nape of your neck to get a blunt, choppy look. Try to cut the bang fringe and make sure to keep the bangs long. Sweep the bangs over one side of the head and spike your hair around the back of the head as well as sides using a hair gel to keep it in place. Now use a straightening iron to make your bangs straight to achieve a rigid look is you have a curly or wavy hair. Next trim the hair at the back and sides using a razor which will help to maintain your hairstyle for a longer time without needing any further haircut. Finally color the bangs to get a bold look with colors that can add highlights to change it into a unique emo haircut.
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