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Ways To Wear A Wave Cap


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Wearing a wave cap can give a unique look to your hairstyle. There is no need to give special attention to your hair to make it look completely different. Using a wave cap can add more lusters to your hair when it is short. Those who have a short hair can use this method to create wave patterns. Here is a simple way that can be followed to use a wave cap.
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First make sure that your hair is about one inch in length. Then brush the hair using a soft bristle hairbrush which will help to grasp it better to add more pressure while brushing. Comb the hair in the direction of natural wave pattern which will vary depending on your hair. Try to comb the hair until the natural wave pattern gets highly defined. Use wave pomade all over the hair starting from the top, side and back of the head. Comb the hair in the direction of natural wave patterns for additional 15 minutes and use a little pressure during this process. Spread more wave pomade all over the hair, but make sure adding too much will pomade can make the scalp to itch. Put the wave cap on your head without messing the wave pattern and sleep with it to set the waves. Take the wave cap only when it reveals your waves. Use this method at least 3 to 5 nights to make the wave pattern set.
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