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BellaThorne With Ribbon Braid


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BellaThorne has got a very simple braided hairstyle with a ribbon which can give a unique look when especially created with a long hair. This style is usually worn by kids as they like ribbons very much, but it can give a charming look for most of the women in all ages. Adding a ribbon to your hair can make it look more stylish with any type of hair starting from short to long. The ribbon can be added to to your hairstyle while creating the braid or it can be worn after creating a normal braid.
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To create a ribbon braid, make sure to use the right method to add the ribbon to your hair. Try to choose the right color of ribbon that is suitable to your hair and there are many people who like to use a textured or patterned ribbon. Then separate your hair into different sections which usually depends on the braid you would like to create and tie the ribbon around the strands of the hair tightly to keep it in place. Take a section of your hair that is located behind your ears and start braiding it in a standard way by including a piece of ribbon in a section. Keep your braid in place using a elastic and cut the ribbon that comes excess from the braid. This hairstyle can be made more attractive by adding a different color ribbon or a textured ribbon.
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