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Jennifer Morrison’s Waterfall Braid


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Jennifer Morrison is wearing a waterfall braid that is known to be the most creative and unique ways of styling the hair. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for special occasions like a wedding. It is considered as one of the variations of a French braid and in this style your hair will pulled to make a braid with a look of water flowing down your head.
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To get waterfall braid, take a bunch of hair on a side of the front hairline and separate it into three strands including top, below as well as bottom. First take bottom strand of the hair over the center one and pull center one forward. Then take top strand of the hair over the remaining strand to make it new top strand and now your old top strand will become the new center strand. Next take the new strand of your hair from below the braid and thin strand from top braid to add it with top strand. Continue this process till you reach the end of the hair away from your face. Make sure that your braid runs along the side of the head with loose strands that are pulled forward from your braid links. Now braid three strands as usual and keep it in place with hair elastic. Leave loose strands of the hair that was pulled forward fall over the side of your head below the braid to end the styling.
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