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Methods To Remove Reddish Undertones


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Hair color undertones usually occur without your knowledge. There will be red tones on your hair that can be lightened using permanent hair color. Try to reduce the hair color to less than two shades to control the undertones. Just follow these simple steps to remove the reddish undertones in your hair.
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First apply a toner along with an ashy hue on the hair as per the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the hair is completely saturated. The ash tones will help to neutralize red and gold tones in the hair which will lead to neutral base shade. Leave the hair with the toner for the recommended time by the manufacturer. Then rinse the toner from the hair and use a purple conditioner on the locks to maintain the neutral toners by reducing golden and red hues. Continue to work with the opposite shades in the hair to reduce any hint of reddish undertones. Leave the hair to dry on its own after the color treatment which will make the hair feel like fragile. Now apply the toner to make hair manifest itself which will not happen as fast as you expect it to happen. Continue to use purple conditioner regularly as the toners are not usually permanent fixes. It will not make it easier for you to have the neutral-shade dye in the hair without the red undertones, but the undertones can make your hairstyle look bad however it is styled.
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