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Caring For Yaki Hair


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The yaki hair is considered to be one of the best viable weaves for most of the women as the texture of this hair looks almost similar to the texture of original black hair. This yaki hair has been straightened or permed which makes it look more natural than any other hair. It is important to follow few important steps while taking care of the yaki hair. The yaki hair is usually cared for and maintained so it can be used on the hair for a long time. Anyone who wants to change the color of the hair to black can go for this option without touching their original hair.
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First wash your hair with a shampoo which has been specially made for dry or a damaged hair. If you are washing the front part of the hair, try to wash it on a mannequin to ensure that it stays in place. Then mist the hair with an anti-frizz serum to control the flyaways and then leave your hair to air dry. Avoid using a flat iron on your hair unless it is absolutely necessary while straightening your hair, put the iron in a low setting. At last brush your hair gently when is wet or dry and avoid over combing the hair too much as it can lead to excess shedding. Always stay away from the products that have mineral oils as they can ruin the texture of your yaki hair.
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