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Hairstyle With Fluffy Bangs


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Fluffy bangs can be achieved by adding volume to frame the face. This style can be created by using few simple styling products and techniques. It is very important to use a strong hairspray at the end of your styling process to keep the hairstyle in place perfectly. Using too much hairspray can make the bangs feel little crispy, but it is the best option to make them look natural along with lot of volume.
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It is easy to create fluffy bangs, first mist the bangs with a heat protecting hairspray after dividing the bangs into two sections. Then roll one section in a heat free roller and secure it in place on the scalp. Take another roller and use the same method on the other section of your bangs. Use the blow dryer with low heat and dry your hair in the rollers till it becomes completely dry. Then take the pins and try to unroll the rollers. Use your fingers along with a teasing comb to brush out the curls and to add both the together in the center. Avoid using too much pressure during this process as it can reduce the volume of the bangs. At last mist the bangs using a layer of strong hold hairspray and style rest of the hair as per your desire. Try to keep a teasing comb along with you during the entire day when you are wearing this hairstyle for touch ups.
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