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Kelly Reilly’s Swedish Braid


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Kelly Reilly is wearing a beautiful Swedish braid that is known to be way to style your hair for special occasions like a wedding. It is one of the most decorative ways of styling the hair which is also considered to be a unique medieval hairstyle. This style can give a more complex look and in case it is created with a long hair you can get really an elegant look.
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To create a Swedish braid, divide the hair into 8 different parts. Next tie a knot over top of your head and create a loop out of your hair strand. Then take four strands to send the hair through the loop and adjust the strands to make it look as parallel to each other. Now pull outer left strand of your hair across which will make it come over the three strands. Then pull outer right strand on the three strands over the left on the original crossed strand. Take a new outer left strand to cross it on the three strands of your hair that is over the right along with the strand crossed earlier. Now take new outer right strand again and cross it on the three strands which is on the left of the strand that was crossed earlier. Continue this process until your reach the end of the braid and then knot the hair strands together to keep your braid in place. Now tie the braid across your head to end the styling.
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