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Styling A Lace Front Wig


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A lace front wig is usually worn by women who can get a really glam look within few minutes. It is mostly use over the base of your hair line which will be more realistic in appearance when compared to a traditional wig. This hair is also available different types such as synthetic, Chinese, Indian Remy textures and human.
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To add the lace front wig, first braid your hair and try to cover it using a nude stocking cap. Make sure to braid your hair in a vertical way from front to back and pack the short hair tightly under the stocking cap with braid endings. It must be applied to the base of your hair line surrounding the perimeter of your head and prepare this part of the head to protect your scalp as well as facial skin from adhesive used in the wig. Apply a two layer of scalp prep over the perimeter of your hairline and then use a hair glue around your hair line. Keep the wig in a position that gives it a natural look like at the back of the neck while using your lace front on the own. There will be limited visibility on your head and make sure to avoid a messy application. In case the wig has been placed in a wrong place, lift it to keep it in a proper position. Now you can style the hair as per your desire or even curled and colored.
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