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Big Chop Hair


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Doing a big chop in your hair can alleviate the stress of having two different hair textures. Maintaining two types of hair textures for a long time can damage your hair as they weigh down on your natural curls. Here are few steps that can be helpful while doing a big chop.
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To do a big chop, first mist the hair with water and keep it slightly damp. Wetting your hair in this manner can make your natural hair to curl up tightly to make it easier to distinguish. Then comb your hair to get rid of any knots. Look at the section of your hair to identify where the natural hair ends and where relaxed hair begins. Start cutting the hair at a point where your natural hair ends and relaxed hair starts. Try to cut the hair about 1/2 inch before that point and come back to it later to cut more. Use the same cutting process all over your hair and section the hair off into 4-8 sections which usually depends on how thick it is. Re-wet your hair and try to snip off any straight ends which are left out in the hair. Wash the hair completely to remove the loose strands as it can get tangled up. Cutting the hair in sections will not be easy, but it can make the process much easier. Use the hair scissors for cutting the hair as other scissors can cause damage to your hair.
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