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Hairstyle With Frost Bangs


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Creating frost bangs can give a very unique look. This style can be created at home without going to a saloon which can save money as well as time. It is possible to achieve this hairstyle without putting any additional effort.
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First get a strand test to check timing process for the hair. Then take one tsp of lightening powder along with one tsp of creme developer. Take few strands of hair from the head to use the mixture and wipe this section of the strand after five minutes. You can also leave another five minutes extra if the hair color is not light enough. Repeat this process until you get the desired shade which will be your processing time. Next wash your hair with a shampoo a day before starting the styling process. Brush your hair to take out the tangles and put on a plastic cap. Take a small section of hair through the holes in front part of the cap which will be your bangs section that will be frosted. Mix the remaining lightening powder along with the creme developer and put it onto the strands of your hair that was pulled out. Use the method that was used during the strand test and wipe a small section of the strand to check the color. Now you can wash your hair with a shampoo after taking the cap on your head and style your hair as per your desire.
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