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Side Parted Waves


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Creating side parted waves is a perfect way to get a glamorous hairstyle that is suitable for special events. This hairstyle is very popular among many celebrities as they have been spotted with it on the red carpet. Here is a simple method that can used to get this hairstyle.
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Before starting the hairstyle, make that your hair is healthy by getting a nourishing treatment twice a week. Your hair will look shiny when it is healthy which is very important in establishing a regular hair care routine. Next wash and condition the as usual hair. Use a generous amount of heat protectant spray over your hair when it is still damp and brush it through from root to tip. Apply a little amount of shine promoting serum over the ends of your hair. Use a quality blow dryer to dry your hair to reduce the frizz or use a paddle brush to get a polished look. Then separate your hair into 3 sections such as top, middle and nape. Starting with the nape section, try to wrap a 2-4 inch section of hair around your brush and pull as taut. Make sure that the nozzle of dryer is pointing down your hair shaft from roots to ends. After your hair becomes fully dry, take few thick sections to wrap it around a large ceramic barrel tong to curl the hair from ear down. Use your fingers to loosen the curls and mist it with a hold hairspray.
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