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Straightening A Nappy Hair


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Hair straightening is a process that is used to make the hair more manageable. A nappy hair can give a difficult time for most of the women and it can be straightened in different ways. The nappy hair is more or less resistant to few techniques and most of them can be straightened. To straighten a nappy hair permanently follows this simple method. You must use a hair straightening shampoo and a conditioner on your hair on daily basis.
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First divide your dry hair into quarters and secure it with butterfly clips. Take a petroleum jelly and apply it all around your hairline as well as nape of the neck. Wear plastic gloves and wrap a towel around the shoulders before mixing the cream relaxer with activator. Use hair color application brush/rattail comb to use the cream relaxer on one of the quarters of nappy hair starting from the roots nearest to your crown. Work outward by creating small parts within the quarter of hair and use the cream from the nappy hair root to tip. Use the same process on the other three sections after removing one clip at a time and use the cream on small sections within each quarter. Use smooth cream through the nappy hair with your fingers and try to cover the areas that have been missed. Rinse the cream from your hair completely and follow the instruction mentioned on the relaxer kit for shampoo and conditioning.
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