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Taking Care Of Brittle Hair


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Brittle hair is usually caused due to lack of moisture. There are also other issues that can cause brittle hair such as using too many heat-styling products, highlighting or shampooing too frequently. Here are few simple methods that can be followed to treat a brittle hair. Try to use specially made hair ties which can prevent breakage and make your hair to dry naturally whenever possible.
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Before starting the styling process, first condition the hair using a cream-based conditioner along with a leave-in conditioner daily. Then rinse the hair using cold water after the conditioning process to close the cuticle for avoiding further damage. Use cream-based deep conditioner at least twice a week after washing your hair to open up the cuticle and absorb the conditioner. Use moisturizing shampoo and brush the hair with a wide-tooth comb and mist the hair with a detangling hairspray to remove the knots. Avoid combing the hair when it wet and don’t use hair products which have alcohol. Use a quality blow-dryer and avoid flat irons using on the hair. Trim your hair on regular basis to remove the split ends and damaged hair. Using a boar-bristle brush can be a perfect choice when your hair is dry. Get help from a hairstylist to deep-condition your hair which will prevent damage to your hair and also stimulate hair growth. Try to use a heat-protecting spray in case you are using a heating iron on your hair.
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