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Adding Snap-In Weaves


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Snap-in weaves are one of the most cost effective ways to create weaves on your hair as it is usually sewn or glued to the real hair. You can achieve fuller and longer hair within minutes at home without going to a saloon. In this hairstyle, there are small clamps that are usually to grasp real hair to lock in its position.
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First take the snaps on the weave piece and open it using your two thumbs. Then take butterfly clip from the hair to part it horizontally one inch over the bottom hair piece. Comb your hair down and on the bottom hair piece. Keep the top portion of the hair in place using a butterfly clip and add medium-sized hair piece to your hair with the same method as largest piece. Now take the butterfly clip out of your hair and part it horizontally again about one inch over the bottom hair piece. Comb the hair down and over bottom hair piece to secure top portion using a butterfly clip. Add a medium-sized hair piece to the hair using the same method as largest piece again. Part the hair on one side over your ear and pull it away from the part to secure with a butterfly clip. Add one of four small hair pieces from the full set of hair extensions by removing the butterfly clip. Then brush hair over your hair piece and use the same method on the other side of your head.
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