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Bomb Spring Twists


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Bomb spring twists are considered to be an inventive and fun way of styling the hair. It is a part of hair braiding that includes neat twists along with a natural curl pattern. The weave can be twisted into natural hair to make the bomb twists that can give a very unique look.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash and condition your natural hair using a shampoo before applying the moisturizing conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair before rinsing it out to get rid of tangles and divide the hair into four equal sections. Twist the hair into small sections and first take the first section to apply a dime-sized amount of curly hair cream. Use a rattail comb to divide a small section of hair away from your face about 1/4 inch wide and divide it into two to start the twisting by overlapping each section over the other. While using a hair weave use 1/4 inch wide section and wrap the strand of weave around base of the section. Try to twist both the weave and your natural hair together about an inch and half down the strand. After creating twist on each section, rub your hair in between the thumb and forefinger. Leave the rest of your strands as it is for drying and use the same method on the entire section that was twisted. Leave the hair to dry naturally or dry it with a heated dryer.
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