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Hairstyle With Fake Cornrows


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Fake cornrows can give a look that is usually achieved with a natural hair and there are also different types of hair textures that can be used to get this look. You can use the hair extension depending on the hairstyle chosen as the cornrows are usually braided to starts at the front roots of your hair running back towards the neck. There are many people who want to wear cornrows due to its time consumption, but this method can help to create fake cornrows.
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To create this hairstyle, first make sure to use the hair that matches texture and color of your natural hair. Blending the hair extensions to natural hair can be the best way to make the hair extensions look like your own hair. Separate your hair down the middle of the head and about an inch away from center part in your hair. Start braiding your natural hair and stop an inch down your hair shaft. Keep the hair extension next to the each section of your natural hair and start braiding the extension with your natural hair. Keep a tie on each of the braid to secure them together and a tie can be of different types such as a ribbon, rubber band or any other hair accessory. Repeat the same process until each of your braid has been completed. One of the best ways of adding extensions for this style is to use loose strands of hair in human or synthetic textures.
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