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Methods To Color Weave Closure


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A weave closure piece is usually sewn into cornrows or hair twists at the crown your head and it is also used to close the weave to create a natural part on top of your head. It is mostly made of synthetic and human hair. The weave types are usually processed to look like a natural hair and it can be styled similar to your hair. In case you are planning to change the color of weave closure, try to follow a proper method to make the style look good.
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Before starting the styling process, first brush your hair completely and secure the hair that is not used for the styling purpose at the back of your head. Use a petroleum jelly over your forehead and ears to save them from the color. Cover your work surface with a towel and wear hand gloves to avoid color from falling on them. Take the color to mix it as per the direction mentioned on the packet and there are few hair colors that don’t require mixing. Start using the hair color over the weave closure using the applicator bottle and smooth the hair color over the weave closure piece. Make sure to use the hair color careful without rubbing it into your scalp. Leave the color on your hair for the specified time and then rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Now you can wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual.
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