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Nina Dobrev’s Informal Bun


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Nina Dobrev is wearing a simple informal bun which is a perfect hairstyle for those who are having a long hair. It is also considered to be a perfect way to keep the hair away from your nape during a warm weather. This style can give a simple as a well as good look that makes it very popular among many women. Most of the celebrities looking to achieve a formal look wear this hairstyle as it can be created within minutes without getting help from a hair specialist.
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To create an informal bun, first wash your hair using a shampoo suitable for your hair and dry it as usual. Then use a comb to brush the hair to get rid of any tangles and make a side part. Take your entire hair to create a ponytail and hold it in your left hand. Make sure that your hair is smooth on the head brushing it. Then take hair from front of your head at the middle of your nape and try to twist it with your right hand till you reach the end of the hair. Keep the base of the ponytail and try to wrap the twisted hair around its base to create a loop in between left hand and the head. Now send the hair through the loop to pull it slightly tight and tuck any loose ends of your hair outside the loop before securing it with hairpins.
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