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Bandana Ponytail


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A bandana ponytail is a perfect hairstyle that can give a very casual look. You can style the hair with a bandana in different ways, but styling it with a ponytail can also give a unique look. It is a stylish way that can be used cover-up dirty hair or a bad hair day. Before starting the styling process practice it several times by standing in front of a mirror to make it look good.
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To create a bandana ponytail, first comb your hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail. Pull the entire hair at the back of your head higher or lower and wrap elastic around to secure the ponytail in place. Keep the bandana flat on a table in the shape of a diamond and try to fold top corner down, to make the point stop over the middle of the diamond to have a triangle. Now keep the bandana at each side of folded corner and place folded edge along your forehead by bending forward placing it on your forehead. Slide your hands on the edge of the bandana to collect two corners of the bandana below folded corner. In case the ponytail is high on your skull head pull out two corners below the ponytail and if it is on your neck pull the two corners above the ponytail. Tie a knot in two corners and try to smooth hair on top of the bandana along your head.
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