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Ginger Hair Coloring


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A ginger hair color can give a beautiful and rare look for anyone who wears it. It can be styled in different shades of red such as dark auburn, strawberry blonde, copper and finally ginger. You must take special care while coloring your hair to get the ginger look because adding a wrong shade can end up with your hair looking orange and brassy.
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First wrap your shoulders with a old clothe and wear a pair of gloves in your hand to protect the skin. Take the hair color in a applicator bottle along with a developer. Snip to top of the applicator bottle off to open it and put your finger over cut hole over the top of the bottle to shake it well for mixing the color along with the developer. Use the hair color into sections beginning at from the top of your head and gently working down. Try to saturate your hair with the color completely and secure your hair on top of the head after completing the coloring process. Leave the hair color on your hair for the specified time mentioned in the instructions. There are various brands of hair color available in the store that will have different times for keeping the hair with the color in. Then rinse your hair color with water until it runs clear and apply a color conditioner. Leave the color conditioner for about 35minutes and rinse the hair again to style it as per your desire.
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