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Hairstyle With Wavy Layers


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Creating wavy layers in your hair can give a messy look that is mostly liked by most of the teenagers. This style can give a very natural look for anyone who wears it with medium in length. It is important to cut your hair from a hair stylist to make this hairstyle look good or if you are expert in cutting your own hair it can be achieved at home.
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Start the styling process by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioning it. Then mist the hair with a leave-in conditioner to control the flyaways and brush through the wet hair. Next flip the head in front pointing towards down and comb your hair straight toward the ground. Take a section of the hair in between pointer finger and middle finger in your non-dominant hand when the hair still hanging. Try to collect the hair on the same side as the non-dominant hand snip the ends using shears just below your fingers. Brush through the hair with a comb and collect the next section. Try to collect several strands of already-cut section to cut the new section in the same length and continue the cutting process until you move all the way across your hair. Comb your hair once more and look for stray pieces of hair that has not been cut and flip the head over to check the layers. Now you can style the hair as per your desire.
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