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Methods To Get Wispy Hair


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Creating a wispy hair can make yourself look good even though the hair will give wind-blown hair look and it is a perfect choice for a casual event. Wispy hair usually gives a flowing and soft look along with volume that can be achieved by using few simple styling tools. This hairstyle will not be really curly, but it is a combination of curly and straight hair.
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To create a wispy hair, cut your hair with layers around your head at home or go to a saloon. Then brush your hair to make it dry and get rid of tangles. It can also add the softness to your hair while trying to get the wispy look. Next use a curling iron on your head after tilting your head down to flip the hair over. Mist the hair with a hairspray near the bottom of your head over the base of your neck to add more volume. Now flip your hair back to comb it with a brush if it looks too messy. Use a one inch section of layered hair pieces and keep it between the iron & curl outward than under without moving the curling iron till the shaft of your hair. Try to create slightly curl the bottom of the hair outwards and small curls throughout your head. Then spritz the hair with a hairspray and comb it lightly again for making the curls more wispy near the ends of your hair.
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