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Steam Treatment At Home


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Getting a steam treatment for your hair will be extremely beneficial as it can make your healthy. The steam treatment will also open the hair cuticle for the deep conditioner to penetrate providing a healthy, soft and strong hair. Getting a steam treatment from professional hair specialists can be costly, but you can do the same process at home without spending too much money and time.
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First try to saturate the hair using a moisturizing conditioner and put a plastic cap on your head. Keep a turban towel in a microwave-safe bowl of water until it becomes hot and wear a pair of thick gloves in your hand. Take the hot towel from the bowl and get rid of the plastic cap on your head. Put the turban towel around the hair and wear the plastic cap back on. In case the plastic cap is not tight, try to wrap a satin cap around your head. You can also use a scarf to wrap around the head. Now you must sit under a hooded dryer for about 20-30 minutes and then take out the caps as well as turban towel. Now the freshly steamed hair will give a warm and soft feel. In case you are planning to get a more intense steam treatment, try to use two turbans and two plastic caps one after the other. Try to be very careful when handling hot towels while wrapping it on your hair.
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