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Textured Top Knot


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A textured top knot hairstyle is a perfect choice for a wedding as it can give a beautiful and unique look. It is important to grow your hair lengthy to create this style perfectly. There are many people who, like to style their hair in this manner for special events. It is also perfect hairstyle to wear when you are having a bad hair day which can be difficult handle in most cases. This hairstyle is known to be a little harder to create than it actually looks, but here is a simple process that can be followed to achieve this style.
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To get this hairstyle, first divide a section from top of your ear to other top of the ear. Take about two inch section and wrap it around a curling iron throughout your head to have a tousled look. Try to rake your fingers through the hair and use a little amount of beach spray all over the hair to get a piecey hair. Now take your hair to make a ponytail and tilt your head back to make it smooth. Secure the ponytail with a ponytail holder and keep the hair tilted back. Divide the ponytail into two parts and knot your hair depending upon the length of your hair. In case you want to get more texture in your hair, tease the knotted sections. Secure the hair with bobby pins and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.
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