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Get Rid Of Brassy Blonde Hair


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Having a brassy blonde hair can give a hard time for most of the people. This look usually occurs after dying the hair from dark to blonde that may peek through because of different elements. It is also mainly due to a combination of different reasons like air, pollution and iron in the water that can cause this look.
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Before starting the styling process check the water iron level using a water strip. Put the strip into the water to test the levels of iron and use water softener to get rid of the excess iron in your water. Then wash your hair using a blue or purple shampoo that can help to neutralize the brassy color. The blue or purple undertones can easily remove the brassy color, but the amount of washes usually differs from twice or more depending on the amount of brassiness. Use a toner that is available in a drug store and apply it on the hair. It is a semi-permanent hair color which has a blue or violet base specially made for blondes. Use the toner like a hair color and rinse your hair clean using lukewarm to cool water to take out the brassy color. In case all these methods to fail, try to get help from a hairstylist to remove the brassiness from your hair. The hairstylist can use a salon-grade toner application, but it may be a little expensive when compared to other process.
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