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Mermaid Curls


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Mermaid curls are the best to style your hair for special occasions. This hairstyle can give a great look with curls that can be easily created without using any heating tools. It is a classic way of styling the hair that is liked by most of the women.
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To achieve mermaid curls, first spray your hair with water and comb it out. Leave the hair to dry on its own for few minutes and brush it with a comb. Make sure that the hair is completely damp from root to tip. Now divide your hair straight down the middle of your head with a comb and start braiding the hair into two identical braids. To create a head full of mermaid curls, braid the hair on top of your head near the hairline. Tie the end of the braid with a hair tie and try to keep all the strands in place. Keep the braids as long as possible to set the mermaid curls or leave the braids in overnight for better best results. Remove the braid from your hair ties from the bottom of each braid and scrunch up the curls to get into the look. Now mist the mermaid curls using a lightweight hairspray and if you want try to apply a little amount of serums or mousse to shape of the curls. To get a crisp look, style the curls with your fingers and for a casual look, use a comb to brush the curls.
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