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Methods To Prevent Greasy Hair


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There are many people who spend lot of time styling their hair to avoid bad hair days. Having a greasy hair can be your bad hair day that is considered to be difficult to handle by most of the people. Here are few techniques that can be useful in preventing a greasy hair.
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Try to wash the hair less frequently as washing it very often can make it greasier. Use a shampoo to wash your hair condition it in a proper manner. Follow a gentle method while washing your hair as harsh scrubbing can lead to greasy hair because of increased sebum. Use the conditioner to the ends of your hair during the washing process and avoid using it on the roots which is very important in this process. Always comb your hair less to reduce the distribution of oils throughout the head that can help the sebaceous glands to produce oil. Handle your hair too much once you complete the initial styling as additional touching can stimulate oil production and spreading. Follow unconventional methods to avoid greasy hair and comb talcum powder into your hair to decrease the number of times washing the hair. This can absorb some of the excess oils in your hair. Try to avoid eating amount of fat and use Jojoba oil on your scalp to reduce the sebaceous oil production. Try to avoid getting hot-oil treatments or frizz serums as it can make your hair greasy.
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