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Pulled Back Curls


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One of the most worn wedding hairstyle is an updo and in case you are planning to create a unique look for your wedding try to get pulled back curls. It is known to be an alternative to traditional structured wedding hairstyle that can be created with a loose updo.
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To create this hairstyle, first roll hot curlers in hair when it becomes completely dry after washing. Then leave your hair in the roller for about 15-30 minutes depending upon the thickness of your hair. Take the curlers from the roller and gently run your fingers through it to make it loose and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray. Next add volume to your hair by using a teasing comb to brush the hair at the crown of the head. Take a section of hair straight up and comb it underneath. Start the combing process about four inches from roots and brush it down towards the roots. Mist the teased hair with a hairspray and take a 3 inch wide section of hair near the top of your head and twist it about 2-3 times and secure it using use booby pins at the middle back of your head. Continue to twist the hair and pinning the sections until all of your hair is pinned. You can leave the curls to hang loosely at the back of your head and if you are creating a bun secure it with booby pins.
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